08 June ‘23, Thursday
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Dame Tu Cosita

Welcome to the captivating world of Dame Tu Cosita, an online game that invites you to embark on a dance-filled adventure with the adorable alien, Cosita. Get ready to witness an intergalactic dance show like no other!

Cosita, the lively and enthusiastic extraterrestrial, is eagerly preparing to showcase his dancing talents. As his dedicated stylist, your task is to select the perfect stage costume that will complement his unique moves and captivate the audience.

In the game, you'll be presented with a delightful array of clothing options. From vibrant and futuristic outfits to sparkling accessories, you have the freedom to mix and match various elements to create a show-stopping ensemble for Cosita.

Once you've chosen the ideal costume, it's time to join Cosita on the dance floor. Press the special buttons in sync with the rhythm to guide Cosita through his mesmerizing dance routine. Watch as he grooves, twirls, and showcases his extraordinary dance moves.

Feel the infectious energy of the intergalactic dance show as you immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Dame Tu Cosita. Help Cosita steal the spotlight and become the star of the show with your fashion and dancing skills.

Get ready to experience a thrilling combination of fashion and dance in Dame Tu Cosita. Join Cosita on his cosmic dance journey and let the rhythm guide you to an unforgettable adventure!

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