23 February ‘24, Friday

Puppet Hockey Battle

Get ready to join the exciting world of Puppet Hockey Battle! In this online game, you'll have the unique opportunity to help dolls fulfill their hockey dreams and become champions on the ice. Strap on your skates and get ready for an action-packed game like no other.

Your mission is to control the adorable puppets and guide them to score goals against their opponents. Use your skills and dexterity to maneuver the puppets across the icy rink and outsmart the opposing team's defense. Aim carefully and shoot the puck with precision to beat the goalkeeper and secure victory.

Puppet Hockey Battle is a fun-filled game that will keep you entertained for hours. Challenge yourself in various game modes, compete against AI opponents or challenge your friends in multiplayer matches. Show off your hockey skills and prove that you have what it takes to be a champion.

The game features intuitive controls that are easy to learn but challenging to master. Use the arrow keys or swipe gestures to control the movement of your puppet and strategically position yourself for the perfect shot. With each goal you score, you'll earn points and unlock new levels, arenas, and customization options for your puppets.

Experience the thrill of fast-paced hockey action, vibrant graphics, and engaging gameplay in Puppet Hockey Battle. It's time to lace up your skates, grab your stick, and lead your team to victory. Are you ready to become a champion? Play now and show off your skills on the ice!

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