28 January ‘22, Friday

Clicker genre - play clickers games online

The Сlicker is a special genre game where a click becomes the player's primary task. Recently, clickers have been popular, because people are so tired of everyday worries that they just want to relax and not think about anything. There are very simple clickers in which you simply receive a virtual reward for each click. There are games where you can use the money earned to develop your "business." There are also story clickers where a click is only a tool in order to perform some kind of action with the character. For example, with its help, the character adjusts the flight altitude. We offer you to choose a free android or PC clicker from our extensive catalogue. Games presented on the site do not need to be downloaded and installed, so they work in almost all operating systems. To start a mouse or keyboard clicker, open it in your browser. That's enough to start playing. In any case, you will not have problems understanding the language: the rules of the game are intuitive. Today, more and more people prefer to play clicker online. This is not surprising, because such a game can quickly get boring. By choosing an online game format, you can try different games of one or different genres, switch from one game to another, without wasting precious time.