22 May ‘24, Wednesday
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Welcome to the colorful and exciting world of Wormate, where you'll transform into a charming color worm with an insatiable appetite! Your mission is to navigate the vibrant playing field and gobble up delicious pieces of food scattered throughout. As you eat, you'll grow in size and strength, becoming a formidable force to reckon with.

But be on the lookout for other players! You're not the only worm in this lively world, and there will be fierce competition for the tastiest morsels. Use your cunning and quick reflexes to outmaneuver your opponents and secure your food before they do.

Keep an eye out for special power-ups, such as the coveted magnet. Once activated, the magnet will attract food to you like magic, allowing you to grow at an astonishing rate and become the biggest worm in the game!

Wormate offers a thrilling and fast-paced multiplayer experience, where you can team up with friends or play against players from all around the world. Join forces with others to take down larger worms or go solo and prove your skills as the ultimate color worm.

The vivid graphics and lively music will immerse you in the world of Wormate, making the game even more engaging and enjoyable. So, are you ready to embark on this colorful adventure? Eat, grow, and conquer the leaderboard in Wormate!

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