22 February ‘24, Thursday
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Timber Man Wood Chopper

Welcome to Timber Man Wood Chopper, where your attentiveness will be put to the test in a thrilling and tree-chopping adventure!

Your mission is to guide the courageous Timber Man as he chops down trees one by one. Sounds simple, right? But there's a catch – you must make sure that he cuts the tree from the correct side. If you make a wrong move, a branch from a sick tree will hit our hero's head, bringing an unfortunate end to your game.

As you progress, the game becomes increasingly challenging, with trees appearing at a faster pace. You'll need to stay laser-focused and react quickly to keep Timber Man safe from harm.

But fear not, for there are power-ups and bonuses scattered throughout the forest. Grab them to boost your score and gain an advantage over the menacing trees.

With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Timber Man Wood Chopper will keep you on the edge of your seat. How far can you go before the trees overwhelm you? Can you become the ultimate wood chopper and achieve the highest score?

Sharpen your axe, take a deep breath, and embark on this thrilling wood-chopping adventure now!

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