24 September ‘23, Sunday
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Factory Incorporated 3D

Step into a world where factories take on a whole new twist in the Factory Incorporated game! Forget about traditional manufacturing and embrace the unconventional – this time, you'll be at the helm of a factory that specializes in the art of destruction. Get ready to witness a unique process where alarm clocks, burgers, and various other goods are produced solely to be obliterated!

Embark on a quirky journey as you enter a factory with a twist. A special event has unfolded, and a massive batch of products needs to meet its doom. But don't be fooled – this isn't your typical manufacturing process. Your task is to swiftly destroy these products, and there's plenty of misfit items in the mix that require your attention!

The press is your trusty tool for the job, taking care of the destruction process. Your role is to ensure a smooth operation by maintaining the balance and preventing any overload or unfortunate mishaps that could jeopardize the press's functionality.

As you work your way through the factory, keep an eye out for the glowing circle that guides your precision. Use your quick thinking and dexterity to avoid crushing the wrong objects, lest you want the press to break down!

Get ready to experience a unique blend of factory management and destruction in the Factory Incorporated game. Are you up for the challenge? Step into a world of controlled chaos and see if you can master the art of rapid product obliteration!

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