05 June ‘23, Monday
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Alaaddin Run

Welcome to the enchanting streets of Baghdad, where thrilling adventures await you in the online game Alaaddin Run! Step into the shoes of the legendary Aladdin as he embarks on a daring journey through the bustling city.

As you guide Aladdin through the vibrant streets, you'll encounter numerous obstacles that stand in your way. With quick reflexes and sharp wit, you must navigate the hero through a series of challenges. Some obstacles require you to jump gracefully over them, while others demand clever maneuvering to avoid them altogether.

Strategize your moves and choose the best tactics to collect as many shimmering gold coins as possible along the way. These coins will unlock exciting power-ups and bonuses that can aid Aladdin in his quest.

Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the Arabian Nights as you traverse the stunning cityscape, adorned with colorful markets, majestic palaces, and ancient ruins. The captivating graphics and immersive soundtrack will transport you into the heart of Aladdin's adventure.

Challenge yourself to achieve the highest scores and compete against friends and players from around the world. Can you lead Aladdin to victory and become the ultimate treasure hunter?

Get ready to run, jump, and dodge your way through the captivating streets of Baghdad in Alaaddin Run. Embark on this thrilling adventure now and experience the magic of Aladdin's world!

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