22 April ‘24, Monday

Xmas Bubble Army

Welcome to Xmas Bubble Army, the most festive and fun-filled online shooter game you'll ever play! Get ready to immerse yourself in a winter wonderland filled with colorful Christmas balls instead of the usual bubbles. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to shoot balls at a cluster of the same color to prevent them from dropping too low.

As you embark on this holiday-themed shooting adventure, you'll be greeted with a cheerful and heartwarming Christmas setting. The delightful jingles and jolly visuals will instantly put you in the holiday spirit, making it the perfect game to play during the Christmas season.

In Xmas Bubble Army, you have the unique advantage of seeing three balls at once, providing you with an opportunity to strategize your shots and plan your moves carefully. Aim, shoot, and watch as the Christmas balls burst into joyous explosions of color, bringing you closer to victory with each successful hit.

The game offers multiple levels of increasing difficulty, so whether you're a casual gamer looking for a relaxed challenge or an experienced player seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Xmas Bubble Army has something for everyone.

Get ready to experience the thrill of matching colors, the joy of celebrating Christmas, and the excitement of conquering each level. So, gather your Christmas spirit, aim your shooting skills, and join the Xmas Bubble Army for an unforgettable holiday gaming experience!

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