23 April ‘24, Tuesday

Skeleton Hunter

Welcome to the heart-pounding adventure of City of Bones, where darkness has enveloped the once-thriving metropolis, and the fate of the city rests in your fearless hands.

Summon your inner warrior and brace yourself for a battle against the forces of evil. The city is overrun by sinister skeletons, and only a hero of your caliber can bring back the light. Arm yourself with bow and arrow – your trusty tools in this epic confrontation.

A sacred mission awaits, and your swiftness and precision will be your greatest allies. As you venture through the city streets, your aim is to eliminate the relentless skeletons that threaten its existence.

With each skeleton you clear, the challenge intensifies. The horde grows larger and more formidable, requiring you to tap into your skills and instincts to emerge victorious.

But fear not, for you hold a powerful trick up your sleeve. By strategically utilizing staggers on the ground, you can execute a brilliant mass skeleton elimination – a move that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

As the city's last hope, the responsibility lies with you to reclaim its streets and restore peace. The city needs a hero, and that hero is you.

City of Bones beckons you to rise to the challenge, face the darkness, and prove yourself as the brave warrior who will save the day. Embrace the battle, show your mettle, and let the fight for the city begin!

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