23 April ‘24, Tuesday

Office Fight

Step into the zany world of "Cubicle Chaos: Office Mayhem," an online game designed to bring some much-needed stress relief and laughter to the monotony of office life. As the clock inches towards the weekend, tensions rise, and the employees of this virtual office unleash their pent-up energy in a hilarious battle of projectiles. Prepare to engage in a wild and light-hearted office fight like no other.

The workweek fatigue is palpable as Friday dawns, pushing office employees to their wits' end. However, in "Cubicle Chaos," the solution to their exhaustion is both amusing and unconventional. Office supplies become the ammunition of choice as the characters engage in a hilarious exchange of paper balls, pencils, erasers, books, and even 23-inch monitors! Embrace the chaos and take part in the hilarious battle, but remember, it's all in the spirit of fun – no colleagues are harmed in this riotous game.


  • Embark on an endless adventure as the office transforms into a battleground for laughs.
  • Score big as you hit your colleagues with a variety of hilarious projectiles, earning coins with each successful strike.
  • Upgrade your arsenal with a shop that lets you unlock even more entertaining items to throw around.
  • Choose from 6 types of whimsical ammunition, ranging from paper balls to those elusive 23-inch monitors.
  • Keep an eye out for the bonus – a cute mouse that scurries across the screen, providing an extra challenge and a chance to score big!

So, gear up for a whimsical escape from the mundane in "Cubicle Chaos: Office Mayhem." Embrace the hilarity, let your stress melt away, and become the master of office hijinks as you navigate this riotous world of unconventional stress relief!

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