23 February ‘24, Friday

Imposter Run Jump

Embark on an exciting adventure with your favorite characters from Among Us in the online game Imposter Run Jump! Get ready to experience the thrill of a traditional platformer as you guide the imposters through a series of challenging levels.

Your mission is to collect as many gold coins as possible while overcoming a variety of obstacles. Jump over treacherous gaps, dodge dangerous spikes, and avoid deadly traps to reach the end of each level. The fate of the imposters is in your hands!

Imposter Run Jump is designed to captivate children and teenagers who are fans of the popular game Among Us. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and colorful world inspired by the Among Us universe, where every jump and every coin collected brings you closer to victory.

As you progress through the game, the levels become more challenging, testing your agility and reflexes. You'll encounter new and exciting obstacles that require precise timing and quick thinking to overcome. Can you help the imposters navigate the treacherous terrain and reach their destination?

Join forces with your favorite imposters and embark on an epic journey filled with excitement, danger, and endless fun. Imposter Run Jump will keep you entertained for hours as you strive to beat your high score and become the ultimate imposter champion!

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