25 September ‘23, Monday

Draw Weapon

Get ready to test your precision and reflexes in a game that defies the ordinary! Welcome to a world where you take control using your mouse, guiding your character through a thrilling adventure that balances on the edge of danger. Your mission: avoid plunging into the depths of the bottomless abyss that threatens to swallow you whole.

Equip yourself with razor-sharp blades that possess the power to slice through foes and demolish concrete columns with astonishing ease. As you journey onward, you'll unlock the ability to transform and customize your melee weapons, adapting to the challenges that lie ahead. The small field at the bottom of your screen becomes your canvas, as you draw your weapon of choice.

Choose between two formidable weapon types: the long two-handed swords for up-close combat, and the nimble throwing knives that dance around you, ensuring no enemy gets too close. But the obstacles you face are no ordinary foes – be prepared to engage in intense battles against enemies wielding everything from chairs and guitars to shurikens and bazookas!

As you race toward the finish line, showcase your unparalleled swordsmanship by slicing through even the bullets that come hurtling your way. And the excitement doesn't stop there – brace yourself for exhilarating boss battles that will test your skills and strategy to the max.

Step into a world of relentless action, heart-pounding challenges, and breathtaking battles in this extraordinary game. Sharpen your reflexes and prove your mettle – the abyss awaits, but you're armed and ready!

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