22 April ‘24, Monday

Draw Climber

Embark on a thrilling adventure in the captivating online game Draw Climber. Your mission is to assist a small square in ascending a series of steps that stand in its path. But here's the twist: you have the power to shape the square's legs by drawing them yourself!

Each level presents a unique set of steps, challenging you to come up with creative leg designs that will enable the square to climb higher. As you progress through the game, the steps become more intricate and complex, requiring you to think strategically and adapt your leg drawings accordingly.

With a simple drawing mechanism, you have the freedom to unleash your creativity and design legs that defy gravity. Experiment with different shapes and sizes, considering the physics of the game to ensure the square can navigate the obstacles and reach new heights.

But be careful, as one wrong move can send your square tumbling back to the start. Precision and timing are crucial as you sketch the perfect legs to conquer each level.

Challenge yourself to conquer the increasingly challenging levels, unlocking new surprises and obstacles along the way. Will you be able to overcome all the hurdles and guide your square to the top?

Get ready to showcase your artistic skills and problem-solving abilities in Draw Climber. Prepare to draw, climb, and triumph over the ever-changing steps as you embark on an exciting journey of creativity and skill.

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