16 April ‘24, Tuesday

Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble

Baby Hazel is always up to some mischief, and this time she's up to no good with her little brother. Her nanny is not paying attention to them, and Hazel has an idea to make things more exciting. Join her and her little brother in a fun-filled day of mischief and mayhem in the online game Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble.

Explore the house with Hazel and her brother, and find hidden objects to help with their pranks. Make sure to stay quiet so the nanny doesn't catch on to your plan. Complete various mini-games to earn points and unlock new levels.

With each level, the pranks become more daring, and the stakes become higher. From silly pranks to practical jokes, you'll have a blast helping Hazel and her brother cause chaos and create fun memories together.

But be careful not to get caught by the nanny! If you get caught, it's game over. So use your quick reflexes and cunning to stay one step ahead of her.

Join Hazel and her little brother on their hilarious adventure in Baby Hazel Sibling Trouble, the perfect game for anyone who loves mischief and fun!

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