18 June ‘24, Tuesday

Baby Hazel Science Fair

Welcome to the Baby Hazel Science Fair, the ultimate online game that combines learning and fun for young aspiring scientists! Join Baby Hazel on an exciting journey as she participates in the Science Fair, showcasing her scientific project among other talented children. Your role is to assist Baby Hazel in selecting a project, preparing all the necessary materials, and presenting her project to the other participants.

In the Baby Hazel Science Fair, you'll embark on a fascinating adventure of scientific exploration and discovery. Engage with various scientific concepts and experiments as you help Baby Hazel navigate through the process of creating a captivating project. From choosing a topic to conducting experiments, you'll be immersed in a world of hands-on learning.

With its interactive gameplay and vibrant visuals, the Baby Hazel Science Fair offers an engaging and educational experience for young minds. As Baby Hazel explores the wonders of science, players will gain valuable insights and develop an appreciation for the world of scientific inquiry.

So, get ready to ignite your curiosity and join Baby Hazel in the thrilling Baby Hazel Science Fair. Dive into the world of science, unleash your creativity, and enjoy the rewarding experience of learning through play!

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