28 January ‘22, Friday

Hypercasual - hyper-casual games for those who want to relax

The Hypercasual genre includes the simplest online games. This is just the case when the player does not want to bother and understand the rules of the game or choose difficulty levels. For the first time, the term Hypercasual appeared not so long ago, in 2017. Among the features of the genre, there is instant access to content, the absence of a complex plot, minimalistic design, a short game cycle. If you have a few minutes to have fun, then a Hypercasual is what you need. It will take you less than a second to understand the rules of the game. Hyper casual games can differ significantly in theme. Since developers, as a rule, do not spend much time and effort on creating such games (you do not need to think through details, develop the design, design instructions, etc.), the assortment of hyper-casual games is very wide. We have tried to collect the best of them in our catalog. Of course, you can imagine such games only in an online format. After all, their main advantage is quick access and immersion in the game. You can choose and try various Hypercasual games on our website, enjoy and relax. Such games will definitely not develop your logic or mindfulness but will help to distract from problems and daily troubles.